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With historic—and tragic—wildfires still sweeping through much of California, many cannabis fans are pondering issues of lung health. Because the air quality in many parts of the state is so compromised, the question of how to get high without smoking is suddenly a pressing issue.

For some of us, rolling a joint or packing a bowl is still the only way to go. But for a growing number of us, the ways we choose to exercise our right to cannabis consumption is wider than ever. We’ll share a little of the science behind how inhaled cannabis affects our lungs, plus suggest a few smokeless options for you to try. With multiple options like tinctures, capsules, edibles, and more, there’s no reason not to take it easy on our lungs right now. 


Cannabis Consumption and Our Lungs: The Straight Dope

Those of us over a certain age may recall PSAs suggesting that cannabis smoke was many times more harmful to our lungs than tobacco smoke. In fact, this claim isn’t backed up by clinical evidence. As a study published in 2012 found, occasional or low cumulative use of inhaled cannabis was not associated with adverse effects on lung health. Other health organizations have concurred with these findings.

But that’s not to say cannabis smoke is harmless. Any time we ingest smoke, we’re inviting the risk of lung irritation. And when cannabis combusts, it releases a complex blend of particulate matter, some of which—including tar and ammonia—are potentially carcinogenic. What’s more, cannabis smoke typically promotes a respiratory immune system response. In other words, you may react by coughing or sneezing, or feeling tightness, irritation, or a burning sensation in your airways. With irritants already in the air, it’s no wonder so many people want to know how to get high without smoking.

Vaporizers are less harsh and more discreet.

What about vaping? Will that fit the bill?

When cannabis is vaporized, it doesn’t actually burn. Instead, the cannabis (or more commonly liquid cannabis extract) is heated to a temperature at which its volatile oils are released as a fine mist. Many of us find vaping to be a mild and pleasurable experience, but as anyone who’s ever inhaled too much knows, it can still lead to outbursts of coughing. Especially with environmental conditions as challenging as they currently are, it may be time to investigate the question of how to get high without smoking cannabis.


Cannabis Consumption: A Smokeless High 

The cannabis consumption methods we named earlier—including edibles, concentrates, and others—may sound cutting-edge, but in truth, many of them have a long history. 

Hashish—the original cannabis concentrate—was originally more often eaten than smoked. And in both ancient and latter-day India, raw cannabis is made into a refreshing (and highly potent) sort of smoothie called bhang.

Tinctures are fast-acting and effective.

While we stock an impressive selection of cannabis-infused beverages, those seeking a more calibrated experience may want to investigate the world of tinctures. Available in nearly every possible ratio of THC to CBD, these potent and easy-to-use drops are fine-tuned to deliver specific results ranging from high psychoactivity to pain relief to stress reduction. We even offer a tincture designed to bring relief from lung complaints

For even greater discretion, cannabis tablets and capsules offer the same effects in a highly shelf-stable and portable format.

If you have any other questions about cannabis consumption and how to get high without smoking, we’d love to help. Reach out any time, we’re here to help you feel better!

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