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When you’re paying top dollar for premium cannabis, you won’t want to ruin its potency and flavor by mishandling it or storing it improperly. Purchasing a few essential accessories will maximize your experience and may also save you money in the long run. Let’s take a closer look at the best cannabis accessories for ultimate outcomes.


Best Cannabis Accessories for Flower


Gone are the days when you stored your schwag in plastic baggies, broke it apart with your fingers or scissors, and stuffed it into a cheap glass pipe. As legalization spreads across the nation, today’s consumers have access to premium-grade cannabis that deserves better treatment. Here’s a list of must-have accessories for consuming flower.


Storage Containers


Improper storage will significantly diminish the taste and strength of your cannabis. Glass canning jars with tight-fitting lids make excellent storage containers for ganja. Fill the jars to about ¾ full, add a desiccant pack, and place the containers in a cool, dry, and dark location for best results.




A high-quality grinder is an indispensable cannabis accessory. We recommend investing in a three or four-chambered metal grinder. These grinders have teeth that stay sharp and allow you to catch kief while you grind.


Rolling Accessories


Grinding your weed on the latest issue of Rolling Stone will work in a pinch, but a dedicated rolling tray will make your life a lot easier. Rolling trays run from cheap plastic models to artistic glass masterpieces. You can even find rolling trays with compartments to store your lighters, papers, and other smoking accessories.


Even seasoned herb enthusiasts often have trouble rolling a proper joint. Luckily, we have access to inexpensive and easy-to-use rolling machines, and fillable cones make rolling even easier. Just grind your weed, loosely pack the cone, twist the end, and enjoy your smoke.


Dry Herb Vaporizers


Dry herb vaporizers allow consumers to inhale cannabis without exposing themselves to harmful carcinogens. Vaping cannabis at various temperatures will also give you the full flavor and effects of delicate terpenes that burn away while smoking.


Best Cannabis Accessories for Concentrates


The old school practice of dabbing with hot knives not only leads to burns, but many knife metals emit toxic chemicals. Dabbing with a safety pin or paperclip under a glass is safer, but much of the smoke escapes as you lift the container. Today, concentrate fans have access to a wide range of accessories to make the dabbing process more efficient.


Concentrate Pens


Most novice consumers begin with pre-filled concentrate pens. Other options include refillable vape pens and concentrate adapters for your bong or dry herb vaporizer.


Storage Containers


Correct storage is as important for concentrates as it is for flower. Non-stick silicone containers offer the best method for storing wax, butter, shatter, and other concentrates.


Dab Rigs and Tools


More dedicated concentrate consumers may wish to invest in a dab rig and dabbing tools. Dab rigs use water like a bong but involve heating the concentrate with a nail. You can also find more user-friendly electronic dab rigs if operating a standard model seems intimidating.